Happy National Bow Tie Day!

Let’s face it.  Bow Ties are Cool.  And if you get that reference, you’re cool too.  And we’re pleased as punch to have a national day to celebrate the traditionally correct neckwear to pair with a tuxedo or tailcoat.  While long ties are still very accepted, bow ties are always your best bet with a tuxedo.  The long tie trend gained steam when dressing down became trendy in the 90′s and dressing formally lost some ground.  When that happened, tuxedos started emulating suits, and long ties became popular.  Happily, we’ve seen a major decrease in long ties with tuxedos and a significant increase in bow ties paired with them!  This is relevant and exciting because it indicates that people are increasingly more comfortable wearing tuxedos that look like tuxedos, dressing up instead of down, and wearing formal wear like it was always intended to be worn.  Yes, tuxedos and tailcoats are timeless.  They are classy.  They are refined.  But it’s important to remember… they are also meant for partying in!  When bow ties become popular, it tells us that people are once again having fun dressing to the nines.  And that is reason enough to celebrate!

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What to Know About Having a Microwedding

My dream wedding was a bare-bones affair. After four years of dating, my fiancé, Mike, and I exchanged vows in a courtroom 14 floors above his office last April. His boss, a prominent judge, officiated. Only our immediate families and my two best friends were in attendance. I didn’t even carry a bouquet. When the 10-minute ceremony was over, we snapped a few photos before we dined at a farm-to-table restaurant across the street.

Unlike an elopement, which is organized by the bride and groom in secret, a microwedding retains some of the structure of a traditional wedding, except on a smaller scale. Alisa Tongg, a Life Cycle Celebrant — a sort of personalized ceremony planner — performs over 70 weddings a year in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, and said she defined a microwedding as a wedding ceremony with 15 witnesses or fewer.

According to The Knot, the average cost for a wedding in 2016 was $35,329, with higher averages in places like South Florida ($48,596), Chicago ($60,035) and New York City ($78,464). That’s a lot of canapés, cocktails and cake.

While average wedding costs have ballooned, however, guest lists have shrunk. The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Survey reports that the average number of wedding guests was down to 141 in 2016, compared with 149 in 2009.

While there are no firm numbers on how many tiny weddings occur in a given year, experts said more couples were choosing to streamline their nuptials, trim the fat and go micro. - NYT, October 20, 2017

Top 5 Tuxedo Styles for September 2017

OCTOBER 12, 2017

Tommy's Tuxedos tracks the rental data for all of the tuxedo styles we offer and determines the top 5 tuxedo styles rented for the previous month. Below are the Top 5 Tuxedo Styles for September 2017! This information is invaluable to our clients because everyone wants to know what’s in style right now. In a constantly changing and evolving environment, having up to date style information like this puts you way ahead of the curve.

1.  Navy Blue Sebastian Tuxedo by Ike Behar: The Navy ‘Sebastian’ Tuxedo is a fantastic formal option for anyone looking for a clean and simple navy tuxedo. Featuring a two button front, satin notch lapels, satin besom pockets, side vents, slim fit construction, and fashioned from luxuriously soft Super 120’s Wool, this tuxedo is a great way to stand apart from the crowd, while maintaining a timeless and elegant look!

2. Navy ‘Blake’ Tuxedo by Ike Behar: The Navy ‘Blake’ Tuxedo is a classy, attention grabbing navy formal favorite!  Featuring a single button front, black satin peak lapels, black satin besom pockets, side vents, slim fit construction, and fashioned from luxuriously soft navy Super 120’s Wool.

3.  Navy ‘Hudson’ Tuxedo by Ike Behar: The Navy ‘Hudson’ Tuxedo is perfect for formal events and weddings!  It features a single button front, black satin shawl lapel, black satin besom pockets, side vents, slim fit construction, and fashioned from luxuriously soft navy Super 120’s Wool.

4.  Steel Grey Allure Tuxedo by Allure Men: The Steel GreyTuxedo by Allure Men was expertly and aptly created in response to the growing demand for quality grey tuxedos. The notch lapels on the coat are self material with a thin satin indented trim around the edges. Other features include a single-breasted, two button front, satin besom pockets and side vents. 

5. Black Desire by Michael Kors:  The Black 'Desire' Tuxedo by Michael Kors is a modern fit tuxedo.  It features a single-breasted two button front with notch lapels.  It also features satin besom pockets, side vents, and is fashioned from the same luxuriously soft Super 130's Venetian Wool.

New Tuxedo Style for 2016! Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo

Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo: Estimated Availability: End of March, 2016

We’re excited to introduce the newest label to our rental tuxedo lineup, Madison James! The Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo is made on a high sheen, Super 130’s Merino Wool Blended fabric. The coat features a fashionable black satin faille edging along the notch lapel. It also has black besom trimmed pockets, side vents, and a two button front closure. This coat is a modern fit, and has a matching trouser and vest.

The Best Tuxedos of the 2014 Emmys!

If you tuned in this year, you saw many interesting tuxedos.  While there will always be a contingency of celebrities that like to stand out by making their tuxedos flashy and/or garish, happily the majority of the men in attendance kicked the formal wear up a notch with very tasteful and often classic tuxedo interpretations.  What was also apparent is that attendees of the event seemed to really embrace and celebrate dressing formally.

One of the biggest trends of the evening were non-black tuxedos.  Varying shades of blue was the most popular alternative to black.  But other colors like burgundy, charcoal, and mahogany were also represented.  This fun and formal trend is great news for the industry, as it casts formal wear in the right light.  Tuxedos aren’t just uniforms to be dutifully worn.  They are made to party in.

Below is our quick pick list of the 10 best dressed men at the 2013 Emmy Awards Ceremony:

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul keeps it simple and dapper in a very well fitted tux. While the 2-button notch coat isn’t the most formal option, and he (like most of the guys present) could use a waist covering, he gets major points for his velvet top collar.

Bryan Cranston was not only the big winner of the evening, he also managed to channel Clark Gable, exuding Old Hollywood class. While his tuxedo was expertly fit and we like the pocket square, he too could have gone classier with a 1-button peak tuxedo instead of a 2-button notch.

Stephen Colbert looked impeccable in his black tie rig. His attention to detail was nearly unparalleled at the ceremony. He gets points from us for his fit, the shirt studs, the shirt cuffs, pocket square, and self tied bow tie. Though, a peak lapel would also have been better on him than the notch he opted for.

Ty Burrell was a great example of one of the most emergent trends of the evening: Blue tuxedos! And Burrell pulled it off better than most. While we think that his trousers are a little too tight for comfort, overall he looks great and like he’s ready to have a great time.

Jon Hamm always brings his formal best to the table at any Red Carpet event. And he didn’t disappoint at the Emmy’s either. He gets points for everything, from the 1-button front, peak lapels, self tie bow tie, and impeccable fit. Also. Beard.

If there was one trend that stood out more than any other, it was non-black tuxedos. Specifically blue tuxedos. And if there’s one guy that nailed it better than anyone else, it was Emmy’s host Seth Meyers. We think he could’ve used a cummerbund and one fewer button on the coat, but the overall looks is just so classy, we really can’t complain.

We have to get really picky to find anything wrong with ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. His tuxedo was just on point. Again, a recurring theme is that many men went without a waist covering, leaving a little white triangle around their navals. But aside from that, and possible the flap pockets on his jacket instead of besom pockets, his overall look was one of the classiest of the evening.

Jon Snow is used to being told that he “knows nuthin…” on Game of Thrones, but actor Kit Harrington clearly does know a thing or two. Every detail of his tuxedo was really well executed and works together to make his tuxedo among the most memorable of the evening. While arguably according to black tie purists, wing tip collar shirts are not black tie appropriate, we’ll allow it here because he looks fantastic.

Colin Hanks has an apparent understanding of the finer points of Black tie. Not only does he get everything right, he gets it right specifically for his body type. He’s thin, so he opted for wide peak lapels that broaden his shoulders. He’s tall, so he opted for a floppy self tied bow tie, which draws attention to his face. All in all, an excellent tuxedo.

Our pick for best dressed of the evening was an easy choice. Much like his character of ‘White Collar’ Matt Bomer always keeps it classy and classic on the red carpet. His 1 button shawl collar tuxedo by Tom Ford was absolutely flawless. It hit his frame well. The style, accessories, fit, everything, would impress even the strictest of black tie purists.  Well done, Bomer.  Well done.

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