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New Tuxedo Style for 2016! Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo

Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo: Estimated Availability: End of March, 2016

We’re excited to introduce the newest label to our rental tuxedo lineup, Madison James! The Graphite Grey Madison James Tuxedo is made on a high sheen, Super 130’s Merino Wool Blended fabric. The coat features a fashionable black satin faille edging along the notch lapel. It also has black besom trimmed pockets, side vents, and a two button front closure. This coat is a modern fit, and has a matching trouser and vest.

The Best Tuxedos of the 2014 Emmys!

If you tuned in this year, you saw many interesting tuxedos.  While there will always be a contingency of celebrities that like to stand out by making their tuxedos flashy and/or garish, happily the majority of the men in attendance kicked the formal wear up a notch with very tasteful and often classic tuxedo interpretations.  What was also apparent is that attendees of the event seemed to really embrace and celebrate dressing formally.

One of the biggest trends of the evening were non-black tuxedos.  Varying shades of blue was the most popular alternative to black.  But other colors like burgundy, charcoal, and mahogany were also represented.  This fun and formal trend is great news for the industry, as it casts formal wear in the right light.  Tuxedos aren’t just uniforms to be dutifully worn.  They are made to party in.

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Happy National Bow Tie Day!

Let’s face it.  Bow Ties are Cool.  And if you get that reference, you’re cool too.  And we’re pleased as punch to have a national day to celebrate the traditionally correct neckwear to pair with a tuxedo or tailcoat.  While long ties are still very accepted, bow ties are always your best bet with a tuxedo.  The long tie trend gained steam when dressing down became trendy in the 90′s and dressing formally lost some ground.  When that happened, tuxedos started emulating suits, and long ties became popular.  Happily, we’ve seen a major decrease in long ties with tuxedos and a significant increase in bow ties paired with them!  This is relevant and exciting because it indicates that people are increasingly more comfortable wearing tuxedos that look like tuxedos, dressing up instead of down, and wearing formal wear like it was always intended to be worn.  Yes, tuxedos and tailcoats are timeless.  They are classy.  They are refined.  But it’s important to remember… they are also meant for partying in!  When bow ties become popular, it tells us that people are once again having fun dressing to the nines.  And that is reason enough to celebrate!